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    - The aim of the project SurveyNetwork.co.uk - summarize the views of citizens on various issues. Therefore, the opinion of people in other countries will not be taken into account when processing the survey data and may cause cancellation of the user profile and its exclusion from SurveyNetwork.co.uk without payment of premium for participating in surveys.
    - SurveyNetwork.co.uk can register only one user profile on the same IP address used by your family. If two people from one family (man and woman) want to register your profile, each of them must use a different computer located in different places, not in one house or apartment.
    - You must be 18 or older to join SurveyNetwork.co.uk, regardless of where you live. Participants who are younger than 18 years old, you must obtain permission from parents / guardians to join in SurveyNetwork.co.uk. Parents need to write e-mail to the address of our customer service request form to obtain - permission that you want to sign and send back to us by fax.
    - If you live where there are special laws governing the registration and participation on the web pages, such SurveyNetwork.co.uk, then the awareness of responsibility for this falls squarely on you. By registering on SurveyNetwork.co.uk, you should make sure that in your country / city has no laws prohibiting the use of such intrnet pages as SurveyNetwork.co.uk (or similar pages, offering rewards for surveys). You need to make sure that services such as SurveyNetwork.co.uk, to get money / gifts over the Internet in your country / city can be totally legal. You should also check whether your country / city are other laws regulating the age limit, the payment of taxes, etc. We are not responsible for the verification of specific laws in your country / city are offering you our services.
    Duties of participants
    - In the scope of your responsibilities will include regular updating of your Personal Cabinet (profile). If your demographic profile is not complete, most likely you'll get fewer invitations to participate in surveys.
    - If you have an active recommendations for example, friends joined to SurveyNetwork.co.uk, referring to your advice, then pay for them, you will be paid only if your profile is active, ie You participate in surveys. We will not pay you for the active recommendations, if your profile is inactive, despite the number of active recommendations.
    - For financial calculations, we use a system of PayPal. We advise you to check if you have activated account in this system. Open an account there you can by visiting the corresponding site on the Internet. We reserve the right to delay payment until such time as your account is not activated.
    - You need to provide us with your postal address if you wish to receive remuneration in the form of prizes or gift cards. We will not re-send you a reward, but also not responsible for the loss of postal transfers. On this one of the responsibilities of participants - a timely update your email address in case of change of residence.
    - If a specific prize, you have chosen is no longer available, we reserve the right to replace it with another object of the same or greater value. You just have to wait until the subject again appear in the range of the Distributor from whom we would like to order.
    Responsibility of participants:
    - You need to ensure that your account balance replenished properly, and that you promptly and in full, paid for their work. If you have any problems, you should immediately contact the customer support team.
    - You are encouraged to actively participate in our surveys. Otherwise, your profile can be removed in the process of cleaning the base of the inactive participants.
    - You need to make sure that all options are on your computer are configured to ensure correct recording of interviews. Make sure your cookies are activated (if you often delete link, make sure you do this before you open our link) and, if possible, deactivated and disabled programs like spyware and firewall.
    - You should sincerely respond to the questions. Failure to provide truthful information may lead to non-payment you voznagradeniya and invalidate you receive bonuses and other prizes.
    -You are not allowed to use robot software, proxy-servers and other Internet forms of the introduction of automated responses to questions. Their use will result in immediate removal of your profile. We SurveyNetwork.co.uk and its partners have the right to report on these and similar fraudulent or illegal acts (of any type and form) in the relevant legal institutions, and to take any legal action for damages.
    -Participants are not allowed to distribute spam. If you distribute spam, your profile will be removed immediately. -Participants will be able to close your profile SurveyNetwork.co.uk at any time by contacting us via email.
    -You need to use our links to surveys. If you do not use our links, we will not charge you points for participation in our surveys.
    Rights SurveyNetwork.co.uk:
    - SurveyNetwork.co.uk has the right to close your profile at any time without any warning and fees, if we have a suspicion that you are doing fraudulent activities and / or breach of any of the rules of this agreement.
    - SurveyNetwork.co.uk have the right to suspend your profile at the time of the clarification, if we would think that a possible fraud was somehow connected with your account.
    - SurveyNetwork.co.uk has the right to seek from you a valid document proving your identity, credit card account and / or driver's license, if we find that your profile was used for fraudulent purposes.
    - SurveyNetwork.co.uk has the right to cancel the payment, if the case with the active guidance and surveys we have been given false information.
    - SurveyNetwork.co.uk will pay you a fee only if our partner does the same thing for SurveyNetwork.co.uk. Otherwise, we will not pay You for interviews.
    - SurveyNetwork.co.uk not responsible for the mistakes and actions of our partners, and can not guarantee that all proposed SurveyNetwork.co.uk consistent with the letter of the law. We are not responsible for the content / offers / rules / promises offered to you on those Internet pages that contain surveys.
    - SurveyNetwork.co.uk not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to you or any third party in connection with participation in our program.
    - SurveyNetwork.co.uk can not guarantee the availability of prizes / gift cards, as well as the value of cash for certain proposal. The value of cash may change at any time without any warning.
    - You agree that all disputes between us, the reasons are related to our activities, prizes, claims or anything else, will be resolved individually, without involving the courts.
    - If you send the letters SurveyNetwork.co.uk the list of spam messages, and e-mail providers complain to us on this, we reserve the right to immediately close your profile without remuneration.
    - SurveyNetwork.co.uk has the right to change the terms of this agreement, the value of accrued bonuses, offers, terms and conditions of service at any time, without informing the participants. Changes in SurveyNetwork.co.uk Terms shall come into force on the date they are made in the agreement.
    - SurveyNetwork.co.uk not responsible for typographical and other errors on our website and in our emails.
    Additional conditions:
    All banners / logos / other creative materials, which are in SurveyNetwork.co.uk site and in our e-mails belong to their respective owners. Using the payment systems of different companies to reward our members does not mean that SurveyNetwork.co.uk somehow associated with the respective companies, and also that these companies are sponsors or partial sponsor of the incentive programs.
    Join SurveyNetwork.co.uk by registering at the site you thereby soglashaetesso all the above terms and conditions and agree to comply with them.