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     - Only members who reside in United Kingdom are allowed to participate in our panel. All other countries are not allowed to register and will not receive a reward for participation. This is strictly a UK only panel.
    -SurveyNetwork.co.uk allows 1 account per household. Signing up with more than 1 account per household without our authorization will lead to closure of all accounts without payment.
    - You must be 18 or older to join SurveyNetwork.co.uk regardless of where you live. Participants who are younger than 18 years old, you must obtain permission from parents / guardians to join SurveyNetwork.co.uk. Parents need to write e-mail to the address of our customer service request form to obtain - permission that you want to sign and send back to us by fax.
    - If you live where there are special laws governing the registration and participation on the web pages, such SurveyNetwork.co.uk then the awareness of responsibility for this falls squarely on you. By registering on SurveyNetwork.co.uk, you should make sure that in your country / city has no laws prohibiting the use of such internet pages as SurveyNetwork.co.uk (or similar pages, offering rewards for surveys). You need to make sure that services such as SurveyNetwork.co.uk, to get money / gifts over the Internet in your country / city can be totally legal. You should also check whether your country / city are other laws regulating the age limit, the payment of taxes, etc. We are not responsible for the verification of specific laws in specific country / city are offering you our services
    Duties of participants
    -You are responsible for keeping your account active. You must login to your account at least once a month. Failure to do so will lead to us deleting your account during our monthly database cleaning. Once your account is deleted you will loose all your earnings as well as referrals.
    -If you have active referrals you will only get paid for their actions if your account is active. We will not pay you for your referrals if your account will not be active regardless of how many referrals you have.
    -Each survey can only be done once unless specified in the description.
    -All of our payments will be sent via Paypal. Please make sure that the email you used to register for SurveyNetwork.co.uk is the same email that is registered with Paypal. We will only pay to UK based Paypal accounts.
    -All Payments are sent as payment for services. Pay Pal takes a fee when you receive payment. These fees do not come from us and we are not responsible for them.
    -You must provide us real postal address information if you want to redeem for prizes, gift certificates. Failure to provide real address will result in you not getting your rewards. We will not resent rewards for the second time and we are not responsible for lost reward in the mail. It is the member's responsibility to update the address in their account.
    -SurveyNetwork.co.uk is not responsible for your loss of profit (any kind) as a result of using our site
    -If a certain prize you cash out for is no longer available we reserve the right to substitute it for another item of equal or greater value or refund your points. Or you may choose to wait until the item is back in stock on the merchant we order it from.
    -You will only receive a payment if your account is active and is in good standing.
    Member Responsibilities
    Member Responsibilities:
    -You are responsible for making sure that your account balance is correct and that you are being credited for all the surveys. If there is a problem you should contact our customer support team.
    -You are responsible to keeping your account active so that it does not get deleted during database cleanups for inactivity.
    -You are responsible for updating the profiler often.
    -You are responsible to make sure that all your settings on the computer are setup correctly so that all the surveys track correctly. Some of the things you have to make sure include, but not limited to that your cookies are set to accept, spyware blockers are off and if possible firewalls are switched off. If you don’t get credited for a lot of surveys you do that means that there must be something wrong with your computer setup and not SurveyNetwork.co.uk tracking. We are not responsible for paying you for transactions if the advertiser does not pay us for them or if they didn’t track your transactions(survey complete). By joining SurveyNetwork.co.uk you agree to this term. If you experience issues with crediting it is your responsibility to alert our customer service right away so that we can troubleshoot with you the issue.
    -You must provide the valid information when filling out or survey profiler and completing surveys. Failure to provide real information will lead to nonpayment and reverse of the earned reward.
    -During the survey, you must make read each question carefully to avoid quality questions as well as answer questions honestly and truthfully.
    -You may not use any robots, proxy servers or other automated applications. Using them will lead to immediate account closure. SurveyNetwork.co.uk and its clients have the authority to report this activity as well as other type of fraud or illegal activity(any shape or form) to the proper authorities as well as take any legal actions for the damages or losses.
    -There is no SPAMMING. If you SPAM your account will be closed immediately
    -Member can close their SurveyNetwork.co.uk account any time they like by emailing us.
    -You may not try to claim money for a survey you didn’t complete. If you will do that we will close your whole account without payment since this is considered fraud.
    SurveyNetwork.co.uk Rights:
    -SurveyNetwork.co.uk has the right to close your account at any time without any warnings and without payments if we believe you are committing fraudulent activities and/or break one of the terms or any other reason we find appropriate.
    -SurveyNetwork.co.uk has the right to freeze your account for investigation if we feel that there is some possible fraud involved with your account.
    -SurveyNetwork.co.uk has the right to request a valid form of picture id, credit card bill and/or drives license if we find an account being used in fraudulent methods.
    -All earnings in your SurveyNetwork.co.uk account pertain no real cash value. SurveyNetwork.co.uk offers no warranties of any kind.
    -SurveyNetwork.co.uk has the right to reverse the credit for a survey if fraudulent information was provided.
    -SurveyNetwork.co.uk will only credit you for a lead that the advertiser credits us for. If the advertiser does not credit us, we will not credit you.
    -SurveyNetwork.co.uk is not responsible for the errors and actions of our clients and SurveyNetwork.co.uk can’t guarantee all the ads advertised in QR are legitimate offers. We are not responsible for the content/offers/rules/promises of the websites that you are sent too. Some advertisers will offer you a free gift/gift card/cash or another incentive free with offer participation. SurveyNetwork.co.uk does not endorse whatever the survey clients promise you or the contest of the survey.
    -You agree any and all disputes, causes of action arising out of or in connection with our service, prizes, claims or anything else associated with SurveyNetwork.co.uk shall be resolved individually without resulting in a class action. Should there be a need to take an individual dispute to court, it must be settled in court (in the country/state our office is located) and the member is responsible for all the fees including, but not limited to court and attorney fees.
    -SurveyNetwork.co.uk is not responsible for anything that happens to your computer as a result of using our links or site. We are no responsible for any popups, viruses and other issues that may result from you clicking on a link located on our site or mailings. We highly suggest that you always have the latest version of Firewall and Virus protection available.
    -SurveyNetwork.co.uk is not responsible for any direct/indirect damages done because of member participation in our program
    -SurveyNetwork.co.uk can’t guarantee the availability of prizes, gift certificates as well as the cash value for a certain offer. The cash value of the offer can change any time without any notice.
    -If you set SurveyNetwork.co.uk emails as spam or equivalent and the email provider complains to us we reserve the right to immediately close your account without payment.
    -Some surveys might offer you an additional incentive to complete an additional survey, participate in an interactive survey, participate in a focus group and so on. All of these additional surveys/programs are not supported by SurveyNetwork.co.uk. These incentives will not be added to your SurveyNetwork.co.uk account. The survey company that offers you this incentive will set up a way to pay you. We are not the once who are responsible for giving you that incentive (the survey company that offers you this opportunity is) nor do we provide customer support for them.
    -SurveyNetwork.co.uk has the right to change terms, point values, offer values, rules and privacy policy anytime without informing the members first.
    -SurveyNetwork.co.uk is not responsible for any typographical errors on the site and our mailings.

    All the banners/logos/creative found on SurveyNetwork.co.uk and our emails belongs to their respected owners. The use of PayPal and other gift cards in our redemption section does not imply that SurveyNetwork.co.uk has any type of association with these companies nor are these companies sponsors or co-sponsors of our promotions/program.

    SurveyNetwork.co.uk INC does not guarantee any steady daily income. You should not treat our rewards program as a daily earning opportunity or daily job and you should not depend on your SurveyNetwork.co.uk earnings to help pay for yours bills every month. SurveyNetwork.co.uk should only be considered as an extra way to earn extra money for doing various things.

    Terms are subject to change at any time without prior notification or approval of the SurveyNetwork.co.uk members. By joining SurveyNetwork.co.uk you will agree to all the terms mentioned above.